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The Prairieland Utility Coordinating Committee is an easy, inexpensive and informal forum to improve communication, cooperation and coordination among utilities and others with whom they interact. A main goal for all of us here in the PUCC is to join together with government entities to help bring awareness to Damage Prevention. 


The PUCC meets every 3rd Wednesday of each month with the exceptions of the busy summer months where we meet every other.  We have a great representation at each meeting from every utility out there.  We organize, host, and help fund the Damage Prevention Meetings that are help every March in our coverage areas.  These meeting are geared towards damage prevention and all contractors in the field are invited, praised for great safety practices, awarded many prizes, given a free meal, all to share their knowledge, ask questions, and listen to topics that were suggested as hot topics throughout the year that are discussed or brought to our attention as the local PUCC. We have great attendance at these meetings, but of course we are always looking for more.  The local meeting coordinators which are PUCC members host and organize the meetings, we have many different presentations from meeting to meeting. A big thank you goes to Gopher State One Call and the Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety for attending not only our monthly meetings but for putting presentations together for the DP Meetings.  We close all meeting with a question and answer period which comments are highly encouraged.  Just because you might know the answer or an easier way to help with Damage Prevention doesn't mean everyone does.  The great thing about the  PUCC and the Damage Prevention meetings is that no matter that we are competitors in certain fields, we come together as a group and agree that safety is a HUGE part of our daily practices.

If you are interested in becoming an active member in the PUCC, have any questions, or would like to leave a comment or suggestion regarding the website, please contact me at the email below.  I will respond to you or will put you in contact with someone to make sure we get you the best and as accurate information that we have on hand or with our resources. I am in the process of loading all of our meeting minutes, agenda's, attendance, and any other meeting information that can be viewed by our members only.  I also am loading pictures and documents to be viewed by the public.  All of this information can be found under the Downloads tab at the top of the page. If you have any additional information or pictures to share that you feel would complement the site, please also send them to my email address.   

Thank you in advance to all of you who visit the site, use it, and feel that this is something that together we CAN make a difference for all of us.

Have a wonderful day!
Conrad Bombardier, Charter Communications, Faribault, MN, PUCC President
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