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If you would like more information about the PUCC or would like to join this organzation, please contact Conrad Bombardier at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About the PUCC: Current Members

Conrad Bombardier, President
I write this opening paragraph as the PUCC president, which I was blessed to have been nominated by my peers in early 2010, before I accepted this position I was the secretary for the group. My background in the industry started in 2000, as a recent college graduate, top of my class in communications I was trained from field work to design, I started to work for Expertech (division of Bell Canada) as a fiber optic splicer in Toronto, Ontario.  In August of 2001, I accepted a position in Minneapolis with our American Division.  I was then a contractor for Qwest, helping with the big High Speed Internet push dedicating copper pairs for homeowners, then I moved to Denver to continue this great experience with Qwest.  In 2002, I moved back to Minnesota to start a family and entered into the coax (Cable) field.  I was a contractor for Charter Communications working for 2 major cable construction companies where in 2005 I accepted a position with Charter Communications in Southern Minnesota.  I was approached by Keven Maxa while working in the field in Austin, MN.  Keven talked to me about the PUCC group which Charter Communications sponsored also as a member and invited me to the meetings.  I quickly grew a passion for this group and for the people who were involved.  Where can you as a utility help make a safer environment not only for our co worker, our family, but for all of you.  The great thing about the  PUCC and the Damage Prevention meetings is that no matter that we are competitors in certain fields, we come together as a group and agree that safety is a HUGE part of our daily practices.